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Hubert Petka is the Research Director and Deputy GM for the EMEA region, of global data-driven strategic insights provider, RFi Group.

During his time at RFi Group, he has executed several large bespoke projects and market sizing exercises across international markets. Hubert frequently engages with stakeholders across the UK, Europe and the Middle East on discussing and providing market-leading insight on topics ranging from retail to SME banking, digital banking and commercial banking. 


Research Director, at RFi Group


Market-Leading Insights

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2020 was a challenging year, not least for banks, SMEs and retail consumers. COVID-19 resulted in a decrease in revenue for SMEs, and cautionary spending from consumers who focused heavily on increasing their savings. 

As consumers and SMEs move into a post-pandemic world, they are looking to their banking providers for reassurance, proactive contact and financial assistance in the form of reduced fees and competitive rates.  

Join RFi Group's Research Director, Hubert Petka for a live webinar. He'll delve into exclusive insights, addressing the current consumer climate, how banks can leverage reputation and brand to build on trust and how to better support SMEs and retail banking consumers in a post-covid era.

Watch this webinar and discover: