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Shifting consumer banking behaviours .

How traditional banks can strengthen their positioning.

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Following 2 years at RFi Group’s Sydney HQ, in mid-2018 Amit relocated to RFi’s Singapore operations to lead the Asia Research, Sales and Operations Teams, as well as working closely with clients to answer key business questions across a wide range of topics and areas. On a daily basis, he presents to stakeholders across Asia on topics including retail banking, consumer payments, digital banking, mortgages, deposits and SME banking.

Amit Khan

General Manager - Asia at RFi Group


This April, learn how banks can inspire confidence in consumers, deepen relationships and expand their products and services by taking a customer-first approach.

Recent RFi research shows an upward trend in satisfaction for customers who hold more products at their main bank. Progressive banks need to act now to leverage the acceleration to digital and build positive user experiences that maximise cross-sell efforts and opportunities. 

In this 60-minute live webinar, RFi Group's Amit Khan will uncover exclusive insights addressing how banks can deliver products that meet and satisfy growing consumer demands and measure up against newer providers. You'll also hear how you can enable you to maximise data to craft holistic and engaging strategies.

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